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Data Security Compliance

Data Security & Compliance

Our network, application, physical and administrative security technologies and procedures combine to provide a safe and secure environment for your data. The security of your information is very important to us and we are committed towards information security and privacy. We use industry-leading technologies and policies to protect the confidentiality of your data and patient information.

The Most Advanced Technology for a Secure System

  • SSL 128-bit encryption: SSL is a security protocol used for securing communications on the Web.
  • HTTPS: HTTPS provides secure communication mechanisms between an HTTP client-server pair in order to enable spontaneous commercial transactions for a wide range of applications.
  • Windows Server Security: Internet Information Service (IIS) provides support for Windows Server 2003 authentication, which uses a cryptographic technique to authenticate password.
  • Locked-down physical access to data servers and storage media that is guarded and audited twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Fully fault-tolerant and disaster-resilient data/production center.
  • Data communication security that ensures the privacy and integrity of data passing over public networks.
  • Secure, audited, & monitored electronic access for all internal information processing networks.
  • Secure logical application-level access for data that is processed within the system by server and client applications.

The Most Advanced Process for a Secure System

  • Rigorous authentication and auditing procedures for all users (Transcribers, QA, Administration staff)
  • Personnel security with standardized background check
  • Client-side firewall security
  • Transcribers have limited access to the patient information that they are working on including voice, templates, ADT, and text
  • Password-protected login is required to access platform
  • Data can only be decrypted once it has been downloaded to an authorized local machine.
  • Data is automatically removed from local desktop once it has been transcribed and approved
  • Data cannot be viewed by another third party application
  • An audit trail is automatically captured every step of the process

Physical Security

Our data center is located in a secure limited access facility with the following physical security measures in place:

  • Access procedures include access cards, bio-metrics, authentication, password access and verification
  • Continuous video surveillance
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply and backup generators
  • 24/7/365 Server operations monitoring
  • Data, documentation, specifications, software and any correspondence is classified client specific, and accessed only by authorized personnel
  • On-site security personnel guarding data/production center

It is mandatory for all employees and management personnel (regardless of position and responsibility) sign confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements at the time of joining. All physical security measures are enforced at all times.

Disaster & Redundancy

Our data center is equipped with detailed disaster recovery procedures to manage and minimize damage, disruption, and ensure stability in case of a disaster such as flood, fire, power outages, etc.

Backup process performed is in a dynamic mode so that systems can be operational 24 hours a day with no data loss after system failure if any.

Data Security Compliance HIPAA Compliance & Delivery Solutions

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